[wingide-users] SCM integration

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Feb 2 16:00:29 MST 2009

Say, Scott (STP) wrote:
> I'm working on an Accurev plugin for Wing.  Like the SVN plugin,  I'm 
> getting the status of files that are highlighted in the Project window 
> when they are right-clicked on.  In order to get the status of a file, a 
> CLI (command line interface) command must be executed.  I've been able 
> to work it so that only one CLI command is executed for a single 
> right-click.  However, the execution still seems to be taking too much 
> time to return and the right-click menu doesn't appear until I click it 
> a second time.  (It appears the second time because I'm caching the 
> status if the same files are right-clicked on within a few seconds) 

I could take a look if you send the script to support at wingware.com
There's no generic timeout for scripts; I suspect the code is returning
from a available check function before earlier than you expect.



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