[wingide-users] SCM integration

Say, Scott (STP) scott.say at bsci.com
Mon Feb 2 15:09:13 MST 2009

Hi all,

I'm working on an Accurev plugin for Wing.  Like the SVN plugin,  I'm
getting the status of files that are highlighted in the Project window
when they are right-clicked on.  In order to get the status of a file, a
CLI (command line interface) command must be executed.  I've been able
to work it so that only one CLI command is executed for a single
right-click.  However, the execution still seems to be taking too much
time to return and the right-click menu doesn't appear until I click it
a second time.  (It appears the second time because I'm caching the
status if the same files are right-clicked on within a few seconds)  

Now to my question, does anyone know of a configuration in Wing that can
change the amount of time to wait for a response from a scritp command?
It seems the threshold is about 0.3 seconds.  I'd like to change it to 1

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