[wingide-users] Missing cvs commands edit/unedit

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Feb 2 08:19:33 MST 2009

andreas.schumann at schupag.ch wrote:
> I've started to use cvs. I can't find the 2 cvs commands edit/unedit in wing's integration implementation. To me, those 2 commands seem to be very common (though as stated I've just started to use cvs). So I wonder why they are not available. Any reason?

Many people don't use the edit/unedit cvs commands so they haven't been 
implemented; we'll try to implement them in a future version.  My 
personal experience is that I used them when I first began using CVS 
after having used a strict locking version control system, but quickly 
found that it was better to make changes concurrently and then resolve 
any conflicts at commit time.



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