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Sun Feb 1 11:52:40 MST 2009

Brendan Miller wrote:
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> Wingware Support wrote:
>> Brendan Miller wrote:
>>> I've got a number of python versions installed on my system, and I
>>> want to force wing to use python2.6. What's the best way to do this?
>> Set the python executable in project properties to '/usr/bin/python2.6'.
>> Cheers,
>> John
> Thanks John,
> Will this work for debugging, intellisense, etc? I did that and it
> changed the interactive python shell used. However, I seem to be missing
> a few 2.6 elements in intellisense. Specifically I do a:
> import select
> select.
> and kqueue doesn't come up as one of the options... epoll does and I
> think that's supposed to not be there in 2.5 as well though, so maybe
> that's not why I'm not seeing it.

Odd, I'm getting the opposite -- kqueue shows up but epoll does not.  
However, I'm not at
my main machine, have Python 2.6rc1 where I'm trying this, and can't 
upgrade right now.

In any case, this change in project properties does affect both 
debugging and intellisense,
but this being Python there are some things we cannot find or infer and 
sometimes that's
the reason things are missing from the completer.  'select' is one of 
the modules where
much of the code is in C so the completions are depending on scraping 
information out
of an extension module.

BTW, does it work in the Python Shell in Wing?  That's sourcing the 
completions from
actual runtime state, so should usually be correct and complete.  I'm 
seeing kqueue but
not epoll there as well.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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