[wingide-users] bookmarking documentation?

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Tue Dec 29 07:57:52 MST 2009

I've just rejoined this list after quite a while, so I may be  
reopening past discussions. My apologies in advance. Perhaps it is  
just because I am using Wing seriously again after a significant  
hiatus, but I find myself going to the same help pages repeatedly.  
Searching the documentation is great, though it often finds too much.  
In my web browsers, I have bookmark folders for the Python  
documentation pages I use the most. I would really like to be able to  
bookmark help documentation from within Wing -- and to have them be  
project-independent. Is there something like that already there? Does  
it sound like something other people would like?

	Mitchell Model, MLM Consulting

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