[wingide-users] Setting breakpoints in remote debugging with different source paths

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Dec 17 08:57:26 MST 2009

David Korz wrote:
> It appears WING is not using the location map when setting breakpoints during remote debugging. From the debug log it looks like it's using the desktop's path rather than the remote hosts paths to set the breakpoints.

The location map should indeed cause the IDE to use the correct remote path for
breakpoints.  Can you send the location map settings to support at wingware.com?

The issue may be that the IP address in the setting is not matching the address
reported as the peer address of the socket.  Note that using "*" for the IP
address does not work, contrary to what some older versions of the docs said.

If you had mounted /gi/home/dkorz/gt/usr/src/mgmt/www to /gridiron/www you may
want to remove any *.pyc files to avoid having those contain the wrong paths.
I suspect this may have been the reason the IDE was able to show source code
when you hit pause (something I would not have expected to work otherwise).

Note also that the IDE-side log ~/.wingide3/error-log should show information
about the mapping of file names from local to remote.  It may be that info
will help in debugging this since it seems that the error is IDE-side.


Stephan Deibel
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