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Thu Dec 17 08:42:40 MST 2009

Jaime Wyant wrote:
> Hi.  I use 'F1' to display my bottom toolbox, which is split.  Is there 
> a command to iterate through the toolbox splits?  I'd like to be able to 
> bind a 'toolbox split iterator' to a key, so I don't have to grab that 
> little "splitter" bar

You may want to define perspectives and bind keys to those.  That would
let you control what splits and tools are visible with a key binding
(see http://wingware.com/doc/custom/perspectives for details).

Another idea is to remove the split and bind keys to specific panels,
which you can do using the following command form in the Keyboard /
Custom Key Bindings preference:


The panel types are:

kProjectManagerPanel = 'project'
kBrowserPanel = 'browser'
kBatchSearchPanel = 'batch-search'
kInteractiveSearchPanel = 'interactive-search'
kSourceAssistantPanel = 'source-assistant'
kDebugStackPanel = 'debug-data'
kDebugCallStackPanel = 'debug-stack'
kDebugIOPanel = 'debug-io'
kDebugExceptionsPanel = 'debug-exceptions'
kDebugBreakpointsPanel = 'debug-breakpoints'
kDebugProbePanel = 'debug-probe'
kDebugWatchPanel = 'debug-watch'
kDebugModulesPanel = 'debug-modules'
kShellPanel = 'python-shell'
kAboutWingPanel = 'about'
kMessagesPanel = 'messages'
kHelpManagerPanel = 'help'
kIndentManagerPanel = 'indent'
kBookmarksPanel = 'bookmarks'
kTestingPanel = 'testing'
kOSCommandPanel = 'os-command'
kTemplatePanel = 'templates'


Stephan Deibel
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