[wingide-users] Failure to debug Mayavi

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Dec 17 08:18:59 MST 2009

Ram Rachum wrote:
> I'm working with some code that uses Mayavi and every time I try to debug it
> with Wing, it freezes, and I have to use the Task Manager to close it. Is this a 
> familiar phenomenon?

Are you launching from Wing or using wingdbstub?  What is freezing -- Wing or
the debug process?

If it is the debug process freezing, you might set the Debugger / Advanced /
Debug Internals Log File (if launching from Wing) or kLogFile (if using
wingdbstub) to see if that shows any error.

If it's the IDE freezing, you can send us the error-log from the user
settings directory (listed 5th in Wing's about box, or just submit a
bug report from the Help menu w/ the error log included).

Also, if you're running it based on Qt see the tip at the end of


Stephan Deibel
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