[wingide-users] RE: A couple of bookmark ideas...

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Wed Dec 9 08:55:20 MST 2009

Ken Kinder wrote: 
> It would facilitate refactoring searches if WingIDE would allow you to
> create bookmarks from search results. For example, if you search for
an old
> function name, you could auto-bookmark all instances of it in your
> then remove the bookmarks as you refactor.
> To help keep a lot of bookmarks organized, it would also be nice if
> could "tag" bookmarks in some way.

I was about to respond to this suggesting that a shortcut to this might
be to change Wing so that it could have multiple "search in files"
windows, but I just discovered that Wing can already do that!

Ken: you may be able to accomplish what you want simply by opening an
additional "Search in files" tab for your refactoring search.  If you
keep that tab alive I believe it achieves essentially what you are

When refactoring I routinely create an appropriate search regex, then
fix them all one by one, charting my progress as the search hits
disappear from the hitlist.  The search hits are effectively my to-fix
bookmarks.  In Wing I would usually try and keep the search-in-files
search unchanged while refactoring, but inevitably can't and need to
resort to flipping back through the search history to find my search,
sometimes getting confused as to how to retrace my steps to what I was
initially doing after my refactoring (or whatever) has taken me down 12
different modification branches... I'm sure people know what I mean.

In Visual Studio I'm a big user of the "Find results 1/2 window" feature
for improving my mental tracking when straight refactoring is not
available.  Now that I know Wing can do this as well (and with more than
2 windows) I'll likely be abusing this feature as much as I abuse tabbed
web browsing.

Of course, implementing python refactoring directly would be fantastic,
although as with other refactoring tools I'd be wary of missed hits and
likely resort to searches anyway.


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