[wingide-users] How about a uservoice site for Wing IDE?

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Tue Dec 8 18:33:55 MST 2009

On Dec 8, 2009, at 6:48 PM, Joshua J. Kugler wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Wing IDE Support said something like:
>> We always accept bug reports and feature requests that are mailed to
>> support at wingware.com or to this list and try to respond quickly to
>> each one.  These requests do alter our priorities, though
>> unfortunately we can't do everything at once ;).
> Any more progress on a public bug tracker?  That would enable voting  
> for
> features, etc.

Two cents:  I for one don't much like it.  The "voting" model gives  
feedback in distorted ways (see the American political system for  
examples).  Wingware is so extraordinarily and exceptionally  
responsive to the one-to-one and several-to-many forum offered by  
email, intensely labor-intensive as it is for them, that I think the  
shift to a bug-tracker system would result in a much less finely tuned  
relation to the needs of users.  Users have individual needs, which  
may coincide closely or not.  Also, Wingware obviously responds in  
part according to a series of short-range and long-range plans, and an  
understanding of what changes can be made with smaller alterations in  
the code-base and which would require big shifts in direction.  With a  
bug-voting system, either they'd be forced to override those internal  
understandings of the logical and feasible--which would tend to make  
the code incoherent and the application less robust--or they'd have to  
deal with outcry about how "63% of users want this and only 41% want  
that so why did you choose that?"

Charles Hartman

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