[wingide-users] Custom syntax highlighting and a couple more things.

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Dec 7 13:45:31 MST 2009

On 12/7/09 2:41 PM, Thaorius wrote:
> I don't want to set the highlighter to act as if I was dealing with
> C/C++, that would
> only give me a half-highlighted file that is counter productive. I want
> to do as I did
> with gedit, and add a syntax highlighting "profile", specific for Ice
> Slice files. So,
> can I?

It's current not possible to change how a file is highlighted, other 
than modifying the colors used via preferences.  It's something we'll 
try to add in the future.

> As for git, I know I can keep using it as normal, I wouldn't want it any
> other way,
> but I'm interested in a good integration, that lets me do things such as
> marking
> a directory's contents for exclusion, and that will be added to the
> .gitignore file.
> Being this a simple example, I'm more interested in the features such as
> branching, merging, patch generation, etc.

The integration is currently pretty basic, though we do hope to improve 
it over time based on feedback.  For now, I recommend using a seperate 
terminal window to run git from the command line.



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