[wingide-users] Custom syntax highlighting and a couple more things.

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Mon Dec 7 10:20:49 MST 2009

On 12/7/09 4:42 AM, Thaorius wrote:
> Firstly, I'm developing services using ZeroC's Ice; this means that I
> have a lot of service
> definition files I would like to have syntax highlight for. Right now,
> I'm using gedit with a
> custom highlight profile which heavily borrows from gedit's C and C++
> ones. So, can I add
> a custom highlighter "profile" to Wing? How?

You can set the file type of .ice files to C / C++ so the C syntax 
highlighter is used.

> Secondly, I need those *.ice files above compiled into Python source
> code. I've
> written myself an small script that builds the entire Ice Slice source
> tree in no time
> and calls the slice2py compiler with all the right options. I would like
> Wing to call my
> script every time I save a *.ice file. Can it be done?

A OS command can be added for your script.  What you may want to do is 
to assign a key binding to the OS command and auto-save files before the 
command is run.  It is possible to run it after the file is saved 
otherwise through a Wing IDE extension script, but that's a bit more 
work.  If you do go the route of writing a Wing IDE extension script, 
see connect_to_presave in editor-extensions.py script for an example of 
how to do something when a file is saved.

> And last but not least, speaking of GIT support, I need certain folders
> contents and files
> in my project not to be added to the repository, can I instruct Wing to
> ignore them?

You can continue to manually add and remove files either via the git 
command line or the Add/Remove commands on the git menu.



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