[wingide-users] Custom syntax highlighting and a couple more things.

Thaorius thaorius at thaorius.com
Mon Dec 7 02:42:35 MST 2009

Hi, I just downloaded Wing IDE Pro, the trial edition and I have a few

Firstly, I'm developing services using ZeroC's Ice; this means that I have a
lot of service
definition files I would like to have syntax highlight for. Right now, I'm
using gedit with a
custom highlight profile which heavily borrows from gedit's C and C++ ones.
So, can I add
a custom highlighter "profile" to Wing? How?

Secondly, I need those *.ice files above compiled into Python source code.
written myself an small script that builds the entire Ice Slice source tree
in no time
and calls the slice2py compiler with all the right options. I would like
Wing to call my
script every time I save a *.ice file. Can it be done?

And last but not least, speaking of GIT support, I need certain folders
contents and files
in my project not to be added to the repository, can I instruct Wing to
ignore them?

Thanks for your time.
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