[wingide-users] Wingware Locking Files

Mike Driscoll mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us
Fri Dec 4 14:58:41 MST 2009

Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On 12/3/09 3:03 PM, Mike Driscoll wrote:
>> I have an odd issue where I am trying to use GUI2Exe to create a binary
>> from some of my code. GUI2Exe is a nice wrapper for py2exe. Anyway, I
>> have Wing open to the project that I am executing GUI2Exe against and if
>> I have edited the primary file that I am making the binary from, Wing
>> will lock the file and GUI2Exe cannot access it. As long as I don't edit
>> it, Wing doesn't lock it. This is intermittent, but annoying. Wing will
>> also lock up the entire build folder so I cannot delete it before
>> recompiling the binary. The solution is to close Wing.
> The locks come from watching to see if a file changes and are locks on 
> directories.  Is the build directory not part of the project and the 
> lock seems to be added when you edit the file in Wing?  What happens 
> if you close the file in Wing?  Note that this is Windows specific 
> behavior.
> Thanks,
> John
You were correct. GUI2Exe puts the build and dist folders into the 
project directory and Wing picked them up, so that is why it would 
sometime lock those. Removing them from the project resolved that issue. 
Closing the file also works for keeping Wing from locking it.

I had almost gotten to this conclusion already, so thanks for confirming it.

- Mike

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