[wingide-users] Re: Unknown type when using unittest

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Thu Dec 3 07:51:00 MST 2009

> In this case I think Wing is failing to extract the type from the way
> assertTrue is defined:
>    assert_ = assertTrue = failUnless
> This case is on our list of things to add to the type inferencer.

That is definitely the root of the issue in this case.  I've dealt with
this problem for a really long time in Wing, but I'm so used to the
unittest assertions now I don't look over at the source assistant.  When
I occasionally run into this issue (or some other source assistant
issues) in other modules, I've just got into the habit of ctrl-clicking
the function to go see its definition, or importing the module in the
python shell and printing blah.__doc__ so it stays on screen for me.

I guess I'm simply saying "+1 vote on fixing this"!


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