[wingide-users] Command line for opening with a new project

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Wed Dec 2 07:36:55 MST 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> I use the command line to launch a second instance of Wing. By default 
> the second instance loads the same project as the first one and shows me 
> the "project locked".
> I only open a second instance in order to use a *different* project, so 
> this behaviour is annoying. I'd like to tell Wing to open the second 
> instance with the default project or a new project, but on the command 
> line usage page I don't *see* a way of doing that (probably me being dumb).
>    http://wingware.com/doc/install/command-line-usage
> I could create an empty project and always open that, but I'd rather not 
> if there is an easy way round it.

Is there a reason you can't specify the project on the command line?  If
that is done, then it'll open with that project.

Also, there is a pref to disable opening more recent project so Wing
always starts with the default project.  This is the Files / Projects /
Auto-reopen Last Project pref.  That may be the easiest way to go and
then use the recent list in the Project menu or click on the project
name in the Project view to switch to the desired project.


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