[wingide-users] Wing and Pylint?

Doron Tal doron.tal.list at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 05:52:09 MST 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 12:36 AM, Eric Pavey <warpcat at gmail.com> wrote:

> Got pylint installed today and integrated in Wing.  But I feel like I'm
> missing something fundamental (and I've been searching the Googles and not
> coming up with anything):  It doesn't seem to do anything:  I'll
> intentionally write some poorly formed python, but when I "Update" said
> module via Pylint in Wing... nothing happens.  It quickly flashes "Updating
> <moduleName>.py", but there are no results in the Pylint window.
> I'm pointing the pylint config file to the pylint.bat file on disk, and I'm
> not getting any execution errors.
> Is there simply a major piece of this puzzle I'm missing?  Reading over the
> pylint docs isn't making this any more clear.
> thanks
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I had this once. I "Update" in the pylint tab on the right toolbox but
nothing happend. After a while I found out that the output appears in the
pylint tab on the _bottom_ toolbox.
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