[wingide-users] Problem with Macros

Toni Ruža gmr.gaf at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 09:47:34 MDT 2009

> It seems to work for me w/ Wing 3.1.8.  Could you specify what version
> of Wing you are using, on what OS, with what keyboard personality, and
> what file type this is in (Python, plain text, ...)?

wing 3.1.8 on windows vista
normal keyboard personality
tried it with python files and text files

The result of my little example is:

222 11
333 66

The first line is good because thats where I've recorded the macro
then the two macro executions mess things up. All numbers are still
there uncorrupted and in non-original positions, so I guess the cut
and paste operations get executed but somehow prevent the correct
execution of the other actions.

Here is the result after the first macro execution:

222 11
333 5 66

and the cursor is right before the 5, looks like the paste operation
got executed at the end?

> Also worth checking if you've got a custom key binding in preferences
> for any of the above key strokes, tho this seems unlikely and in most
> cases shouldn't matter.

no conflicts there.


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