[wingide-users] IronPython diversions

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Apr 30 08:20:24 MDT 2009

Mark Jones wrote:
> I'd caution against getting sidetracked with IronPython.  The .NET environment has a very good IDE 

For IronPython? Incorrect - I use Wing with IronPython and it is great. 
Much better than anything Microsoft provide for IronPython.

> deeply integrated with their debugger and the .NET framework.

Which debugger are you using with IronPython?

>   You will never be able to integrate with the underpinnings of .NET as well as MS can because they own the whole stack.

Microsoft have not shown a huge amount of interest in providing an 
IronPython IDE with anything like the features of Wing. Needless to say 
this is why I use Wing with IronPython and there are so many questions 
on the IronPython mailing list asking which IDE they should use.

> What IronPython can do, is distract you from your core customer base with outrageous demands to be more like VS2008 and do more things that are not Python specific but .NET specific.

I don't believe this to be correct. :-)

> Wing is a great IDE if you write Python. 

And IronPython *is* Python...


>  There is still a good bit of work to do on things like environment wide tagging (like EMACS/etags).  There are editor features that are still lacking, you seem to have a list.
> I wouldn't get distracted trying to snag the 1 or 2 IronPython folks that will use something other than VS20XX IDE unless those features can benefit the people using regular Python.
> Mark Jones
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