[wingide-users] Re: Using Wing IDE with IronPython - autocomplete for .NET objects (PI file generator)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Apr 30 08:17:13 MDT 2009

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Foord wrote:
>> * Integrated IronPython shell - the Wing team are reluctant to do 
>> this unless they can port the *whole* debugger across. Shame. ;-)
> Actually, I'm hoping that we can integrate ipython, which can run on
> IronPython and Jython as well as CPython (or so they claim).  It won't
> be as well integrated (probably) but is another way to get this feature.

I'm sure that IPython *doesn't* run on IronPython - unless they recently 
implemented a mode which disables most of its features.... (it makes 
extensive use of Python stack frames - however I'm very willing to be 

>> * The debugger - impossible at the moment because of limitations in 
>> IronPython, which may be addressed in IronPython 2.6 (where we also 
>> get profiler support). After that it is still a lot of work and so 
>> I'm not massively hopeful of seeing it in Wing any time soon.
> We'll look at this again when settrace is added...
>> * Test support - Wing has great integrated testing support. It would 
>> be nice to see that work with IronPython. (It may do if you set 
>> IronPython as the project interpreter - but as that breaks the shell 
>> I don't do it and integrate testing myself through the Wing scripting 
>> API.)
> We certainly should look at this and allow setting the testing Python
> separately if it can be made to work.  I don't think we're depending
> on anything terribly CPython-specific for this feature.

That would be great.




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