[wingide-users] Re: Using Wing IDE with IronPython - autocomplete for .NET objects (PI file generator)

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Thu Apr 30 08:16:55 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> * Integrated IronPython shell - the Wing team are reluctant to do this 
> unless they can port the *whole* debugger across. Shame. ;-)

Actually, I'm hoping that we can integrate ipython, which can run on
IronPython and Jython as well as CPython (or so they claim).  It won't
be as well integrated (probably) but is another way to get this feature.

> * The debugger - impossible at the moment because of limitations in 
> IronPython, which may be addressed in IronPython 2.6 (where we also get 
> profiler support). After that it is still a lot of work and so I'm not 
> massively hopeful of seeing it in Wing any time soon.

We'll look at this again when settrace is added...

> * Test support - Wing has great integrated testing support. It would be 
> nice to see that work with IronPython. (It may do if you set IronPython 
> as the project interpreter - but as that breaks the shell I don't do it 
> and integrate testing myself through the Wing scripting API.)

We certainly should look at this and allow setting the testing Python
separately if it can be made to work.  I don't think we're depending
on anything terribly CPython-specific for this feature.


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