[wingide-users] Problem with Macros

Toni Ruža gmr.gaf at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 00:06:04 MDT 2009

I found that recorded macros don't work as they should if they contain
cutting and pasting.

For a simple example, lets say we have a bit of text like this:

11 222
333 4
5 66

and we want to reverse the order of the numbers on each line. The
natural thing for me to do would be to cut the left number and paste
it on the right. So I would position the cursor on the beginning of
the first line, start to record a macro and type:

ctrl+shift+right, ctrl+x, end, space, ctrl+v, backspace, home, down

Then stop recording the macro (note that in wing ctrl+shift+right
selects to the beginning of the next word including the space).

Now, I just execute the macro two times and I have my numbers
reversed. Only that it doesn't work for some reason.

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