[wingide-users] Re: Project specific Python Executable default search

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Apr 29 10:55:42 MDT 2009

Vania Smrkovski wrote:
> So Michael, what page in "In Action" talks about how you work around 
> this in Wing?  :-)

I didn't cover it in the book. I figured that configuring different IDEs 
for working with external tools was out of scope and could easily burn a 
whole chapter... I did send an email or two about it recently though. ;-)

> I've got IronPython installed on my dev box at home.  And VS2008.  Are 
> you saying to just create a batch file that calls the IronPython 
> interpreter and passes in the .py file?

Yep - pretty much. My Wing script (for Windoze) does something *like* 
(mine does a bit more for finding and running the *unit test* for a file):

import wingapi
import os

from wingutils import spawn

def custom_execute(app=wingapi.kArgApplication):
    editor = app.GetActiveEditor()
    filename = editor.GetDocument().GetFilename()
    directory = os.path.dirname(filename)
    env = app.GetProject().GetEnvironment(filename)
    cmd = env.get('COMSPEC', 'cmd.exe')
    argv = [cmd, '/c', 'ipy.bat', run_path]
    spawn.win32_start_process(cmd, argv, env=env, child_pwd=directory, 

The batch file ipy.bat (which must be on your path somewhere) pauses 
after execution.

> Also, haven't got to the page on this topic, either, but....  Do I 
> need to make changes on my web host to get IronPython to work?  I keep 
> seeing references in the book to the idea that the Python files are 
> not "compiled".  So I'm confusing myself trying to parse that out.

I'm afraid I didn't write the chapter on ASP.NET - because I don't know 
anything about the subject...

Probably best to send a separate email with this question.

> Book is an excellent resource, by the way!



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> On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Michael Foord 
> <fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk <mailto:fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk>> wrote:
>     Wingware Support wrote:
>         Vania Smrkovski wrote:
>             In re-reading Michael's email, I realize that I CAN'T set
>             my project's python executable to the IronPython b/c it
>             will not connect to the debugger or the other tools in
>             WING.  (You guys planning on changing this?)
>         Yes, but it's an almost complete rewrite of the debugger, so
>         it's not
>         likely to happen soon.  I've heard rumors that settrace() may
>         be added
>         to IronPython soon.  That would help but it'll still be a lot
>         of work.
>     It would still be really useful to be able to set the Python
>     executable to IronPython and still have a working Python shell
>     inside Wing - even if it was a CPython one.
>     As a second step having an IronPython shell but no debugger would
>     still be an awesome feature.
>     I realise that it is to do with your architecture, but it feels
>     like a terrible misfeature that setting the executable to
>     IronPython disables the shell. :-)
>     Michael
>             But I still thought you'd want to know about it looking
>             for WING Project files instead of .exe files.
>         I think it's defaulting to the most recent file type
>         selection.  I agree this
>         should be set to *.exe file type.  Thanks for pointing that out.
>     -- 
>     http://www.ironpythoninaction.com/


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