[wingide-users] Re: Project specific Python Executable default search

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Apr 29 09:13:48 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> Wingware Support wrote:
>> Vania Smrkovski wrote:
>>> In re-reading Michael's email, I realize that I CAN'T set my 
>>> project's python executable to the IronPython b/c it will not connect 
>>> to the debugger or the other tools in WING.  (You guys planning on 
>>> changing this?)
>> Yes, but it's an almost complete rewrite of the debugger, so it's not
>> likely to happen soon.  I've heard rumors that settrace() may be added
>> to IronPython soon.  That would help but it'll still be a lot of work.
> It would still be really useful to be able to set the Python executable 
> to IronPython and still have a working Python shell inside Wing - even 
> if it was a CPython one.
> As a second step having an IronPython shell but no debugger would still 
> be an awesome feature.
> I realise that it is to do with your architecture, but it feels like a 
> terrible misfeature that setting the executable to IronPython disables 
> the shell. :-)

Agreed... it's a side-effect of the shell being based on the debugger.
I somewhat suspect we'll be better off just getting the debugger working
w/ IronPython rather than trying to make an IronPython-specific shell

However, we should certainly look at handling it more gracefully when
IronPython is set as the Python Executable...



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