[wingide-users] Debug with mod wsgi

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Wed Apr 29 08:46:13 MDT 2009

aviah laor wrote:
> recently started to work with mod_wsgi instead of the django web server, 
> but the wing debugger don't work
> os : Ubuntu 8.04
> i changed the kEmbedded to 1
> mod_wsgi is running on my user, same as the IDE
> the wingdebugpw and wingdbstub files are in the main project directory, 
> which has a symlink from python 2.5 >> site packages
> the following lines are in some django view:
> import projectmain.wingdbstub as wd
>   if wd.debugger != None:
>       wd.debugger.StopDebug()
>       time.sleep(1)
>      wd.debugger.StartDebug()
> it gives an error, when checking the file alone it seems that "module 
> wingdbstub" has no attribute debugger.
> when using only the import line:
>    import projectmain.wingdbstub as wd

Take a look at http://wingware.com/doc/howtos/mod_wsgi -- I am wondering if
the Stdin/out restrictions are what is causing the problem?


Stephan Deibel
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