[wingide-users] Re: Cannot execute: waiting for shell to restart.

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Wed Apr 29 08:23:26 MDT 2009

Doug Hawkins wrote:
> I saw this thread from Feb 09 (it appeared to be restricted to Vista 
> x64), but did not find a resolution.  I've had no problems until I 
> upgraded from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 (32-bit) over the weekend.  Of course, 
> that means lots of new packages and a new Linux kernel, but one specific 
> difference: the system "default" is Python 2.6 (although Python 2.5 is 
> still installed).  I've tried forcing the Project to use 2.5, but no 
> difference.  Starting either Python from an external shell is fine.
> I tried Stephan's suggestion of enabling the Debug logging (and the 
> Extremely Verbose option) and "Step into..." a program, but it did not 
> create a log file.
> The error message I get is: "Failed to start the debug the program:  
> Could not listen on TCP/IP host, port 0."
> I suspect that it has something to do with the "port 0", but my 
> Debugger/"External/Remote" lists the server port as 50005.  Is this port 
> configure elsewhere?

No, that's the preference that should control this.  I wonder if
there are new security features that prevent Wing from listening
on this port?

Maybe apparmor or ufw are doing something weird, tho I am just
guessing at this point.

I don't think a resolution was found for the x64 Vista issue,
although we suspected some pre-installed 3rd party anti-virus
software.  It could also have been the user had a debug version
of Python.  We had accidentally omitted debugger support for
_d versions of x64 Python in our Windows installer.  In any
case, your issue is probably not caused by the same thing.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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