[wingide-users] Auto-completion on "likely type"s.

Tim Kersten tim at io41.com
Tue Apr 14 17:15:38 MDT 2009

WingIDE guesses types by statically analyzing the source. I've upgraded to
Wing IDE Professional 3.2.0-b1 and although I'm not certain I thought I used
to be able to auto-complete likely types in versions before that.

name = "John Doe"
name.[auto-completion suggestions appear here??]

The above does not work, but it does correctly say that it's likely type is
string. If this used to work, it might be a regression. If not, would it be
possible to see auto-completion since WingIDE already guessed it's type? Or
might there be an option to enable it? I had a look under the
auto-completion options but did not find anything.

Kindest Regards,
Tim ^,^
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