[wingide-users] Clearing Error Line in Test Results

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Mon Apr 13 10:41:57 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> The error line in the *code itself* is highlighted in red and I still 
> can't find a way to clear this. Even closing and re-opening the file 
> leaves the line marked in red!
> There is no Options button (or anything else marked Options) in the 
> testing tool that I can see.
> By the filter text box there is an unnamed dropdown with a 'clear' item. 
> Using this *does not* clear lines marked as red in the code.
> Even selecting the test, right clicking, and choosing 'Clear all 
> results' leaves the line marked as red. (Although in one case the red 
> moved to a different line!) This is with Wing 3.2.0b.
> Currently closing and reopening Wing is the only way I've found of 
> clearing these error indicators.

You can clear it with Clear in the Exceptions tool's Options menu.
We do need to make this easier to access and/or redesign how the
exceptions are shown from the testing tool.



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