[wingide-users] Line wrapping for text files?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sun Apr 12 16:00:46 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
> Michael Foord wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> I don't want line wrapping on by default. Inevitably I do want it on 
>> for text files. Is there any way to configure this on a per-file-type 
>> basis?
>> All the best,
>> Michael
> And how the heck do I find out what the current key-bindings are?
> I've searched in the docs for 'line wrapping' and found references to 
> the 'wrap-lines' command, but no reference on whether it is bound to 
> any keys. Searching the documentation doesn't turn up any ways of 
> showing the current bindings that I can find. The preference pane only 
> shows custom bindings and not the ones that are currently on.
> Michael
Hmmm... in fact I can only find toggle-line-wrapping which is a global 
command. If there isn't a per-displayed-window setting then please 
consider this a feature request, otherwise can you tell me what the 
command is?




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