[wingide-users] AutoCompletion problem

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Apr 9 09:38:31 MDT 2009

BroncosBuck99 wrote:
> I recently purchased the WingIDE personal for developing scripts for the ESRI
> Geoprocessing framework. Some ESRI developers recomended the tool. I have
> run into problems with autocompletion. I can import the module, but the auto
> complete will not work with ESRI module. I declare a vairable create a
> arcgisscripting object, and from there on the auto complete will not work.
> When I reference the variable none of the methods or classes are available.
> When I use PythonWin the autocomplete works.

Something to realize is that autocompletion in Wing's editor depends on 
statically analyzing Python source files (mostly) while autocompletion 
in the debug probe uses live data from the process being debugged.  I 
think PythonWin works the same way with its editor and debugger, though 
it's been a while since I've looked.  Many times Wing's debug probe is 
able to provide autocompletion when the editor cannot.

Could you give a specific example of something that doesn't work?  You 
can either send to the list or directly to support at wingware.com



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