[wingide-users] Set 'main' file from context menu

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Thu Apr 2 17:26:53 MDT 2009

Wingware Support wrote:
> Just to beat this to death:  Would it be better if you had some sort of
> debug launch tool?  I have been thinking about doing that also as a way
> to better manage multiple launch configurations for the same file (for
> example sending different parameters to it) among other things.  You
> would be able to set up your debug entry points in that tool and just
> click on them to select one to launch.  There would be also a way to
> set main debug file here.

YES!!  This is something I've been wishing for for a long time.  In some 
of my projects I have many entry points and switching between them can 
sometimes be hassle.  Having a way to make a list of those and easily 
select which one I want to run with a quick double click or something 
would be great.

Basically my thoughts are that Wing could allow the user to create and 
edit a set of Run/Debug attributes, or maybe call it a Launch Config or 
something, that includes things like a name, which file to run, the CWD, 
command line, environment settings, etc. and then list those in a Launch 
tool panel by name and be able to select one of them as the default. 
Then hitting F5 will run the one marked default, or a double click on a 
launch config in the list would run the selected config.  Add an easy 
way to make a new launch config from the default project settings and 
the currently edited file and you're all set.

To smoothly transition from current functionality you could keep the 
"Set current as main..." menu items, etc. and have them simply create or 
update a built-in default Launch Config.

Being able to copy an existing launch config when making a new one from 
the tool panel would be nice too.  I would use that for making a few 
launch configs that differ only in command line args or something.

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