[wingide-users] Support for _getAttributeNames in auto completion choices

Matthew Scott gldnspud at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:44:23 MDT 2009

Some packages rely on the use of dynamic attributes using the  
__getattr__ protocol.  That is, they don't appear in the object's  
attributes when using dir(), but they are generated on the fly when  

There is a de facto API called _getAttributeNames for providing such  
names to tools for autocompletion when the names of those dynamic  
attributes are available: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2001-August/100603.html

It was originally introduced by PyCrust.  Since then, I know that at  
least IPython uses this protocol.  Some projects that make use of this  
API can be seen here: http://www.google.com/codesearch?hl=en&sa=N&q=_getAttributeNames++lang:python&ct=rr&cs_r=lang:python

I noticed that WingIDE 3.2 beta does not support this API, at least in  
the built-in Python shell that I was familiarizing myself with.

Could support for this be added into WingIDE 3.2?


Matthew Scott
gldnspud at gmail.com

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