[SPAM] Re: [wingide-users] TurboGears relative imports

Uwe Holst uwe at holst.ws
Tue Sep 30 07:04:15 MDT 2008

Zitat von Mike Driscoll <mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us>:

> Stephan
> I am indeed using Wing 3.1.4. I apologize for not mentioning that. I
> went to my Project Properties and in the Environment tab I changed the
> Python Path to include my directory. Now DBSession has some code
> completion, but Wing seems to think it's some other kind of object.
> It's not showing the right methods at any rate. I'll submit a bug
> report.


same behaviour with importing xturtle. The static code analysis  
doesen't show things like xturtle.pencolor() for auto completition  
while the interactive interpreter shows them correct. No serious  
problem for me, just for your information.

There is a thread in the german python forum about that, for german  
speaking people :-)


Greetings - Uwe

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