[wingide-users] Problems debugging a TurboGears 1.1b2 app

Scott Lasley slasley at space.umd.edu
Tue Sep 23 22:50:27 MDT 2008


I am trying to debug a TurboGears 1.1b2 app in WingIDE 3.1.4 using the  
python 2.5.1 in OS X 10.5.5 on a G5 mac.  Wing loads 130 or so  
modules, then the debugger stops, the python interpreter crashes, and  
this message is displayed in the Debug I/O window

Assertion failed: (line > 0), function PyCode_CheckLineNumber, file  
Objects/codeobject.c, line 546.

This does not happen with TurboGears version 1.1b1dev_r4364 but does  
happen with version 1.1b1dev_r4407 and later.  TG1.1b1dev_r4407 adds  
requirements for PEAK_Rules, Extremes, Addons, BytecodeAssembler and  
SymbolType.  I wrote a 2 line app that just imports the same things  
from peak.rules that TG 1.1 does and prints a message, and I am able  
to debug it without problems.  It does not use TueboGears.

Is anyone else having this problem with the latest TurboGears 1.1  
beta?  Any suggestions on how to find and fix the problem?


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