[wingide-users] Re: PyCore/python not found

Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 02:43:10 MDT 2008

Nevermind!  Problem no longer exists.  Must have been my imagination.

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 05:07 -0300, Tim Cook wrote:
> WingIDE 3.1.4-1 installed from source on Unbuntu 8.0.4 AMD64
> All path defaults were used during the installation.
> Python 2.5.2 with development headers is installed.
> Executed: $sudo python wing-install.py from the source directory.
> Added the directory to the PATH as instructed.
> Executing: $wing3.1 gives this error message.
> exec: 192: /usr/local/lib/wingide3.1/bin/PyCore/python: not found 
> But alas! It does exist.  
> But even attempting to execute that interpreter from the BASH prompt
> gives the same error.  The permissions seem to be okay at all points.  I
> know this isn't really a WingIDE error but maybe someone has seen this
> before?
> --Tim

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