[wingide-users] PyCore/python not found

Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 02:07:43 MDT 2008

WingIDE 3.1.4-1 installed from source on Unbuntu 8.0.4 AMD64
All path defaults were used during the installation.
Python 2.5.2 with development headers is installed.

Executed: $sudo python wing-install.py from the source directory.
Added the directory to the PATH as instructed.

Executing: $wing3.1 gives this error message.
exec: 192: /usr/local/lib/wingide3.1/bin/PyCore/python: not found 

But alas! It does exist.  
But even attempting to execute that interpreter from the BASH prompt
gives the same error.  The permissions seem to be okay at all points.  I
know this isn't really a WingIDE error but maybe someone has seen this


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