[wingide-users] application and document destroy signals failing to call handlers

Brec Carson brec at 6sa.com
Thu Sep 18 12:12:55 MDT 2008

There are several things I've only just started noticing since getting  
the latest version of wing.  Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that  
these issues weren't there before...but going on rough memory I think  
they were not.  I'll submit different emails for the different issues.

I have callbacks setup for the application and document 'destroy'  
signals.  These never get called.  I can open and close file after  
file and not get the document close signal and of course exit the  
application and never see the application 'destroy' handler write out  
its log statement.  NOTE: I'm logging to an external log file in order  
to see the application destroy event.

I have almost every other signal for each component of Wing wired up  
and all of those seem to working as expected.  This is what makes me  
suspicious of the Wing in this case and not that I mis-implemented  
this functionality (though it's definitely possible I admit).

Any suggestions?


Brec Carson

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