[wingide-users] scripts getting called multiple times on start up

Brec Carson brec at 6sa.com
Thu Sep 18 12:09:11 MDT 2008

There are several things I've only just started noticing since getting  
the latest version of wing.  Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that  
these issues weren't there before...but going on rough memory I think  
they were not.  I'll submit different emails for the different issues.

I've noticed that a plugin script I'm developing for wing is getting  
invoked multiple times when the tool first launches.  This seems like  
a bug.  I'm basically following the example provided in one of the  
example scripts to call a startup method when the script gets loaded.   
What this does is simply define a method and then afterwards call that  
method.  This is done at the bottom of the script to ensure everything  
else is already loaded.  I'm relatively new to this, so is that the  
best way to call a method on application start?

Thanks for any help,

Brec Carson

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