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> Subject: Re: [wingide-users] tabs keeps converting
> To: johnf <jfabiani at yolo.com>
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> johnf wrote:
> > I'm starting to get bugged by wing changing the tab/space settings while
> I'm
> > editing a script.  For example I was about to comment out a section of
> code.
> > The normal tab/space setting that I like is 4.  When I selected the
> section
> > and commented it the entire script changed from 4 to 8.  Why I have no
> idea.
> > And then just as suddenly a script I'm editing will change back to 4 from
> 8.
> > I'm not touching the convert button or doing anything special.
> Could you send us an example of this along with how to reproduce it?
> Thanks,
> John

I, too, run into this behavior.  Here's how you can reproduce it (on my
Windoze XP box, anyway):  First, convert a script file to 4-space "Tabs
Only".  No need to save to disk.  Then go to any function definition and try
to insert a docstring using double quotes.  Upon typing the first three
dquotes, the document will all of a sudden convert to 8-space tabs.  Upon
typing the closing three dquotes, it converts back to 4-space tabs.  For

#This is fine
def foo():

#This switches to 8-space tabs
def foo():
    """blah blah blah

#Now it goes back to 4-space tabs
def foo():
    """blah blah blah"""

Oddly enough, single quotes enclosing the docstrings don't do it for me, and
it also doesn't happen if the file is "Spaces Only".  There may be other
ways to trigger this behavior -- I'm pretty sure I remember it triggering
while commenting out something several days ago, as johnf saw -- but the
above in particular is 100 percent repeatable for me.  Hope this helps!

Marc A. Murison
murison at alpheratz.net

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