[wingide-users] tabs keeps converting

johnf jfabiani at yolo.com
Tue Sep 9 11:17:59 MDT 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008 09:47:14 am Wingware Support wrote:
> johnf wrote:
> > I'm starting to get bugged by wing changing the tab/space settings while
> > I'm editing a script.  For example I was about to comment out a section
> > of code. The normal tab/space setting that I like is 4.  When I selected
> > the section and commented it the entire script changed from 4 to 8.  Why
> > I have no idea. And then just as suddenly a script I'm editing will
> > change back to 4 from 8. I'm not touching the convert button or doing
> > anything special.
> Could you send us an example of this along with how to reproduce it?
> Thanks,
> John

I don't see how I can do that since I don't know what causes the issue.  If I 
knew what triggered the problem I'm sure it would be easy for me to prevent.  
It might help - I'm on openSUSE 10.3 python 2.5.1, wing 3.2.3-2 (rev 18566).

I just commented out a section of code, saved and closed wing.
I re-opened wing and I get 

The file ozvideomaster.py contains indentation with Tabs And Spaces.  It may 
appear incorrectly  in some editors and may contain unexpected errors in 
block structure.  Total indents = 413 (1t/412s/0t+s).  You may wish to repair 
this file by converting it with the indentation manager.

Wing did not display the dialog the 100 other times I opened the file.  But 
after a commented section it did.`
John Fabiani

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