[wingide-users] app.Connect('destroy', _connect_to_destroy) is never calling _connect_to_destroy

Brec Carson brec at 6sa.com
Tue Sep 9 11:04:54 MDT 2008

Hi, i'm fairly new to both WingIDE and python so this very well could  
be my mistake but I've been able to get every other signal connection  
to work that I've tried including signals in the Application, Doc,  
Editor and DebugRunState classes.

When I try to connect to the Application's 'destroy' signal the  
handler assigned simply never gets called.  Is this a known defect?   
Or is there something different about the destroy signal since it's  
inherited from the APIBase class?  Or the inline documentation in  
wingapi.py could just be misleading or wrong?

Thanks for any help on this,

Brec Carson

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