[wingide-users] file(snippet) gets chomped

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Oct 10 09:57:32 MDT 2008

Wingware Support wrote:
> DICAD - Rex Turnbull wrote:
>> For w while now I have noticed that when I type 'file' and then the 
>> opening '(' the file part dissapears. There are two file-related texts 
>> in the autocompleter file(snippet) and file(symbol). How do I get rid 
>> of the snippet (which seems to be the culprit) or change that so I 
>> don't lose my input?
> Do you get the file template inserted into the file?  I'm assuming that 
> you have left paren selected as a completion character in the 
> auto-complete preferences which causes the completer to complete the 
> selected item when ( is entered.  Possible ways to avoid this are not to 
> use ( as a completion character or not to include templates by 
> unchecking the "include templates in completer" preference.

You can also remove the template 'file' within the Templates tool
in the Tools menu (right click on the entry to remove it).

- Stephan

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