[wingide-users] "search in files" annoyance + something else

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Thu Oct 2 09:36:03 MDT 2008

johannes raggam wrote:
> the "search in files" feature is definetly cool and was among the
> features which convinced me to buy a licence :) (i'm coming from jedit
> and there is also such a feature called hypersearch).
> but: when opening wingIDE the last entered search term is prefilled in
> the search field and wingIDE begins doing an expensive search while also
> parsing my python path which is huge (zope, plone, etc.).

Yup, this needs to be fixed.  Annoys me daily at least so hopefully
it'll get fixed soon. ;-)

> in my opinion the search-field could be blanked much more often. like
> when switching to another tool-tab ("search in files" -> "breakpoints"
> or something else).

I wouldn't want auto-clearing since then the result list would be lost
and/or I'd be confused about what I searched on.  I'd say it just
shouldn't constantly restart/redo the search...

> also when opening another "document window" the value in the search
> field is also prefilled with the one from the parent window.
> maybe provide a "clear this field" button.

Yes, this would be good too.

> plus: i mentioned jedit: a little but sometimes handy feature they have
> is: you can copy the path and filename of the current buffer to the
> clipboard :) i use this feature sometimes when i do some documentation
> about what i did.
> plusplus: jedit saves the results in expandable nodes when you did a
> hypersearch (like wingide's "search in files"). so you can refer to
> older searches later on. the search results are not dynamically updated,
> which is ok. (but i love wingides dynamically updated search results)

These are also on our list for the longer term.

> plusplusplus: i cannot copy the wingide version information in the about
> dialog at once.

Not sure if we'll ever get to this one tho, to be honest! ;-)

Thanks for the feedback!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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