[wingide-users] editor code completion (numpy)

Gabriel Gellner ggellner at uoguelph.ca
Wed Oct 1 20:58:08 MDT 2008

Well so far I am simply blown away by this program (a good IDE is the final thing I missed moving from matlab) . . . as I begin to save my pennies for the big purchase, I notice a strange problem with completion of some numpy functions (though I am sure this is not limited to numpy, I just use this a lot ...).

when I type:


I don't get 'uniform' being completed (but I do get a bunch of completion within numpy). As this method alias is defined in a C extension I am not entirely surprised, but I thought wing would do module introspection in the background (it is turned on in the preferences) to at least get the name (which of course works in the wing python interpreter). No matter how long I wait (and the status bar suggests it has stopped introspecting) this does not work.

This is not the end of the world, as I imagine I can write a simple program to create some .pi files for these libraries, but if it can be done automagically, I would continue my general feeling of awe... Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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