[wingide-users] The convert indentation

Paul Sijben sijben at eemvalley.com
Thu Nov 27 08:11:32 MST 2008

I am seeing the same issue (I did get a warning that the size was set to
8 but I dismissed it because I thought WingIDE was simply reporting on a
file with accidential whitespaces, but the indentation tool claims 'Tabs
Only" )

Wingware Support wrote:
> Hi,
> If it's a tab-indented file that suddenly shows the file with tab size
> of 8, it's due to adding indentation that includes also spaces (perhaps
> by pasting it in).  Wing does that because that is how the Python
> interpreter is going to "see" the file.
> In Wing Pro, you can use the Indentation tool to see what sort of mix
> of tab, tab+space, and space only indents you have.
> On a related note:  If you get indentation warning dialogs that you
> don't want, you can disable that with the Editor / Indentation / Show
> Python Indent Warning Dialog preference.
> Hope that helps.  If it's changing to tab size 8 without mixed indents
> in the file or this isn't a tab-only indented file, please send details
> to us at support at wingware.com.

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