[wingide-users] Re: cmd to switch to shell?

Peter Sabaini peter at sabaini.at
Tue Nov 25 08:18:36 MST 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 16:07:58 you wrote:
> Peter Sabaini wrote:
> > Since I often switch between editing a file and testing in the Python
> > Shell I tried to define a keyboard shortcut for this and went looking
> > for the appropriate command -- unsuccessfully so far. Should I use
> > "switch-document" and if yes, how?
> You can bind to the following command to get to the shell:
> show-panel(panel_type="python-shell")
> Depending on what overall key personality you're using, Esc may get
> you out of the shell back into the most recent editor.  If that doesn't
> work in your case, please let me know.

That works perfectly! 

FTR, I use C-x o to get back to my original buffer

Oh and I noticed I didn't send my original mail to the list as I intended to, 
so I'll respond to the list as well... 


> Thanks,

  Peter Sabaini

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