[wingide-users] Autocomplete python more liberally

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Mon Nov 24 07:32:09 MST 2008

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> Is it possible to configure wing to autocomplete words that aren't
> necessarily defined variables, functions or methods.
> I'm from Emacs/Jed land where M-. autocompletes the word you're cursor
> is on if the word has been written anywhere before in the buffer.
> I often find that I'm typing words that have been written before in
> things like comments or inside python strings. In fact I'd be happy to
> separate the functionality from the usual autocomplete which pops up
> as a list.

There's not way to do this now in Python code, but it's an option we've 
been looking at
adding.  The completer for non-Python code already does this (although 
it separates out
words by context -- code vs comment vs string vs template tags).  So it 
may not be a
stretch to drive completion w/in comments and strings at least using the 
same code.
I'll try to look at this; it's something I've been wanting also but 
haven't had time to
work on yet.



Stephan Deibel
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