[wingide-users] The convert indentation

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Thu Nov 20 09:55:56 MST 2008

johnf wrote:
> This is driving me crazy!  I paste and the entire file is converted to some 
> other indentation other than what I want which is  4 spaces. When I fix the 
> paste it returns to the correct spacing.   And when I save files that I have 
> been editing for weeks and re-open the program ask if I want to convert.  
> Let's assume that something is triggering the convert.  Could it at least 
> tell where the issue is in the text?  I'm going nuts! 

Are your indents tab characters that appear as four spaces?  I ask 
because Wing will display tabs as eight spaces if there are any line 
indented with spaces.  My recommendation is to use space indents if you 
want four space indents.



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