[wingide-users] Line numbering and mako support

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Mon Nov 17 08:29:45 MST 2008

Jules Stevenson wrote:
> I'm trialling wing IDE at the moment and like it a lot, however there are a
> couple of things I'd like clarification on.
> How *exactly* do you turn line numbering on? I've seen on previous support
> mails that it's:
> 'the Editor / Line Number Column Width preference sets the number of digits
> to show.' 
> There is no such option in my preferences under 'editor' [vista 64].

We've since moved it to the Edit menu due to the large number of people 
that couldn't find the
preference.  Sorry for the confusion!

> Also are there plans for mako support? I found this mail:
> 'There currently isn't support for syntax highlighting for Mako or other 
> template languages.  We would like to add support for user-defined 
> languages in the future.'
You might want to try setting the File Type in the File Properties 
(right click on editor to set
that) to HTML or one of the others.  This may get you something better 
than just plain text.

If that works, you can set up 'mako' file extension to be treated as 
that file type using the
Files / File Types / Extra File Types preference.

We use Scintilla as the underlying (open source) code editor widget and 
as far as I know there's
no mako lexer for it (if there were, we'ld be able to add that 
quickly).  We still do want to add
better support for templating languages in general, although in the 
above-quoted email I think
we were talking as much about debugging support as for syntax 
highlighting.  The latter
is certainly easier to solve -- please let me know if using HTML or 
another file type does not



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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