[wingide-users] Line numbering and mako support

Jules Stevenson lists at js3d.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 08:53:42 MST 2008


I'm trialling wing IDE at the moment and like it a lot, however there are a
couple of things I'd like clarification on.

How *exactly* do you turn line numbering on? I've seen on previous support
mails that it's:

'the Editor / Line Number Column Width preference sets the number of digits
to show.' 

There is no such option in my preferences under 'editor' [vista 64].

Also are there plans for mako support? I found this mail:

'There currently isn't support for syntax highlighting for Mako or other 
template languages.  We would like to add support for user-defined 
languages in the future.'

But this is over a year old. Templates without syntax highlighting are not
much fun.

Many thanks,


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